The Krakowskie Zakłady Wyrobów Papierowych (KZWP) is established

From the start of its operations, the KZWP focused on manufacturing of playing cards and quickly became the leader in this sector in Poland. The facilities of the KZWP were located at 17 Długa St. in Kraków.



The close cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts results in development of many amazing card designs which often contained references to Polish traditions and folk painting. The industry met art – this has resulted in amazing appearance of the products.

The 1950's

Czarny Piotruś

In cooperation with the Krakowska Agencja Wydawnicza, the KZWP was the first Polish company to market the “Czarny Piotruś” (Black Pete) playing cards for children.



In an effort to meet the expectations of the players, the KZWP created a deck for Skat, whose design was prepared by Franciszek Bunsch. The cards were quickly appreciated, in particular in Upper and Lower Silesia.

The 1970's

History written in cards

Many card designs were created; of particular note are the historical cards. Some of the designs elaborated in that period are still in use. The authors of the designs included Anna Gaber, Maria Orłowska-Gabryś, and Jan Szancenbach, a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts.

The 1980's

Studying painting

Many new card designs are elaborated, to include the “Battle of Vienna” published on the 300th anniversary of that event. That deck was designed by Maria Orłowska-Gabryś and its essential aspects were supervised by Professor Stanisław Nahlik.


Commemorative cards

The factory made commemorative cards in many designs; of particular note is the deck designed by Radosław Radziejewski on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the automotive industry.

Turn of the 1980's

A turning point for the KZWP

Rapid technological progress – new materials introduced. After over 40 years at Długa St., the factory was moved to 4 Słomnicka St. where it remained until 2014.


``Jagiellonian`` cards

Maria Orłowska-Gabryś and Professor Stanisław Nahlik designed for the KZWP the historical design of the “Jagiellonian” cards which made a reference to the paintings of Jan Matejko. This very popular design is still made at the factory.


Trefl Group

As a result of privatization of the company, the KZWP – Trefl-Kraków was established. Through the new owner, the company started cooperation as a part of the Trefl Group and, at the same time, strengthened its position of a leader in the production of playing cards.


600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald

To celebrate the 600th anniversary of the victory of the Polish forces in the Battle of Grunwald, the KZWP Trefl-Kraków prepared a special deck of cards.


A new dealing

Rapid growth of the company and new investments. The company changed its name to Fabryka Kart Trefl-Kraków. A modern factory was opened and after many years at 4 Słomnicka St., the company moved its offices and machinery to the Niepołomicka Investment Zone located in Podłęże near Niepołomice. Joker Line, a publishing series of socializing games, both foreign and Polish, created by players for players, is introduced.