slawekDo you create board or card games? Would you like to publish your own title and are you looking for a publisher? We will be happy to work with you! Don’t be afraid to present your design. We support game authors from the prototype stage to the publication and promotion of the game.

If you want to work with us, prepare:

  • The rules – make sure they are clear and comprehensible;
  • A prototype of the game.


  • Contact us by email (the address is given below).Send a general description of the game, its presentation, or the rules.
  • Wait for our response; most likely you will be asked to provide the prototype of the game and, if possible, to come to a meeting.
  • The prototype will be tested by our tester group and you will receive our response, including valuable comments, advice, and recommendations concerning your game.

We do not provide access to the prototype or the rules to unauthorized persons. As the publisher, we will promote the game, select the graphics, edit the rules, and select the production technology and the materials for your game. If you have any further questions, please send them to us. Email address for contacts: