Cards and card games

We have been producing playing cards for 70 years. For years, the Krakow Card Factory has been the largest Polish producer of playing cards. We offer the highest quality bridge, poker and skat cards, as well as the Old Maid, loved by children. Apart from playing cards, we also offer card games under the Trefl JokerLine brand.


Cards and card games are a great advertising medium. As a utility product they are perfectly suited for promoting goods, events, as well as brands. Playing cards are a very popular and liked advertising medium, garnering the sympathy of audiences because of its universal nature – they are a very practical gift and an effective advertisement.

Commissions and custom orders

The game market is currently developing dynamically, and the games enjoy growing popularity among audiences of all ages. Thanks to the experience of our staff, we offer professional and technical advice to everyone who orders our cards. Card and board games are great sales and advertising products.

Trefl Joker Line

Get to know our party and card games

Dice Run

Dice don't have legs, but in Dice Run they'll scamper as quickly as they can to get ahead of their fellow cubic…


Face the pandemic and compete to be the first to eradicate the virus by isolating a healthy body.


The box you are holding hides a wealth of riddles: keys to codes, clues, and secret messages.

Mob Town

MobTown is the mobbed-up game of town control for enterprising mobsters.

Fabryka Kart Trefl-Kraków

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Wild Animals of Poland

The cards are decorated with illustrations of wild animals.

Wild Birds of Poland

The cards are decorated with illustrations of wild birds, which can be seen in Poland.

Mushrooms of Poland

The cards are decorated with illustrations of mushrooms...

World War II – Allies

We give you a deck of cards devoted to the Allied forces during World War II.